These "Terms and Conditions" apply to all contracts for Training, Charter, Racing, Delivery and Crewing. Terms and Conditions specific to our competitions can be found at the bottom of this page.


Phone calls to and from us may be recorded. 


The posting of a signed application to Stormforce Coaching Ltd. or a telephone booking or an email booking or an online booking or a booking made in person followed by a verbal acceptance, or an acceptance letter or email sent by Stormforce Coaching Ltd. forms the basis of a contract.

Bookings will only be accepted when accompanied by the appropriate "Booking Deposit" or "Full Fees." 

"Booking Deposits" are non-refundable.

"Full Fees" must be made (and cleared with our bank) by the "Full Fees Due Date." If full payment is not made by this date then Stormforce Coaching reserves the right to re-sell your place and you will forfeit your booking deposit. Products booked after the "Full Fees Due Date" must pay the "Full Fee" at the time of booking.


Booking deposits are per person.



Online / E-Learning CoursesFull course fee N/A At time of booking
Other courses with a value of £100 or lessFull course fee N/A At time of booking
Other courses with a value of £101 to £400£100 N/A One calendar month before the course start date
Other courses with a value over £40025% of course fee N/A One calendar month before the course start date
Fast-Track Modules & Programmes25% of fees By negotiation and usually spread over the period between booking and final fees due date Two calendar months before the programme start date
"Buy A Berth" Race Events & Campaigns priced over £1,00025% of fees By negotiation and usually spread over the period between booking and final fees due date Three calendar months before the campaign or event start date
"Buy A Berth" Race Events & Campaigns priced up to £1,00025% of fees (minimum £100) N/A One calendar month before the campaign, race (or training) start date
Whole boat race, skippered or bareboat charter 25% of fees (minimum £100) By negotiation One month before the charter hand over date
Consultancy50% of estimated fees Not applicable unless the job is likely to last more than 1 month Within 7 days of invoice

PAYMENT OPTIONS (For "Booking Deposit" or "Fees")

Our preferred payment methods are UK debit card or bank transfer, although we offer all of the following:

Bank Transfer

Account Name: Stormforce Coaching Ltd.

Account Number: 2939 3668

Sort Code: 30 97 80

Reference: Your surname/invoice number

International Bank Transfer

IBAN: GB48 LOYD 3097 8029 3936 68

BIC Code: LOYDGB21032

Visa Debit / DeltaNo handling fee
Visa ElectronNo handling fee
MasterCard DebitNo handling fee
Maestro / SoloNo handling fee

Visa Credit Card

2.5% handling fee
MasterCard Credit Card2.5% handling fee
American Express3.5% handling fee
CashOnly in person at our centre or at our boat show stand; do not send us cash by post.

Payable to "Stormforce Coaching Ltd."  On the back of your cheque write your name and the product(s) and dates you are booking. Products are not booked until we receive payment and products can become booked by someone else while your cheque is "in the post".


A "Security Deposit" must be cleared in our account before a charter can commence

Sailing yacht (Cruising)£1,500
Sailing yacht (Racing)£3,000
SB20 Keelboat (Racing)£1,500

Security Deposits can be paid by cheque, bank transfer or cash. If you are paying by cheque or bank transfer, allow a week for the deposit to appear in our bank account before your charter. We do not accept Security Deposits by credit card, although Security Deposits can be paid by UK debit card. Security Deposits can be paid by cash in pounds sterling on the day of your charter.

Charterers who have a track record with us may request that their security deposit is held by us in the form of a signed debit card authorisation, rather than cleared funds.

The security deposit will be used to cover any loss or damage (up to the value of the security deposit) that occurs during the charter period or any loss or damage suffered by Stormforce Coaching (or its agents) as a result of any breach of these terms by the charterer.

If there are no deductions to be made then the security deposit will be returned within seven days of hand back. If Stormforce Coaching has to wait for quotes, investigation, results or work to be done before confirming the amount of deductions then the security deposit return will be delayed appropriately. Stormforce Coaching reserves the right to retain and apply the security deposit as it sees reasonable.

Security deposits will be returned by bank transfer or cheque regardless of how they were paid. You need to ensure we have your bank details at the commencement of the charter.

Your damage liability for our vessel is limited to the value of the security deposit (per incident).


If you book two or three places on the same course or race then you both/each pay the reduced rate stated in our current price list. This assumes one payment and one booking.

The RYA Powerboat Instructor Course is subject to a £30 discount if booked at the same time as the RYA Powerboat Instructor Skills Test.

The RYA Keelboat Instructor Course is subject to a £30 discount if booked at the same time as the RYA Keelboat Instructor Pre Entry Assessment.


Cancellations made before the "Full Fees Due Date" (see table above) will only forfeit the booking deposit, cancellations made after this date will be liable for their full fees in all cases.

Students who receive a bulk buy, package or any other discount and then cancel part of their package will loose the benefit of any discount before any refunds are made.

Enrolling on a course you do not have the necessary pre-requisites for will not vary these cancellation terms.

We recommend you consider discussing your course, race or charter with an insurance company so that you are covered for both your fees and any other costs (travel, accommodation etc), if the course is cancelled.


Stormforce Coaching reserves the right to cancel any booking at any time. In the unlikely event of this happening, we will offer a full refund of course fees. We will not be liable for any other costs that you may incur, including but not limted to, travel and accommodation.

If you or we cancel your programme or any part of it and you agree to us transferring fees to a third party provider on your behalf instead of refunding you then you are subject to that provider's terms and conditions. At that point your contract with Stormforce Coaching is terminated in the same way as if we had refunded you directly.

Stormforce Coaching reserves the right to make changes to the advertised craft and programme.


If we sell you a race, charter, course or product on behalf of another provider, then your contract is with that provider and you are subject to their terms and conditions. Our involvement is purely as an agency for which the other provider will pay us. Most STCW and some online courses are sold as agency sales.


You must be in good physical health at the start of your course/charter or race (if in doubt, consult your GP).

The decision as to whether to participate in any of our activities lies with the participant. By enrolling on any of our courses you accept that there is a risk involved with water sports, offshore sailing and the other activities we run. It is your responsibility to decide if you are fit and healthy enough to start or continue any activity.

You must inform your instructor or skipper if you are taking any form of medication. For live aboard courses please bring double your usual dose. This means that you can carry your usual dose and your skipper can keep a reserve for emergencies.

On matters of safety, the decision of your instructor or skipper is final.

You must be able to swim a minimum of 25m for all practical courses.

Stormforce Coaching encourages students, skippers and crew on all offshore courses and races to carry their own PLB (Personal Locater Beacon) attached to their person when at sea. For any

  • ISAF Cat 2, 1 or 0 race (this includes RORC Fastnet, RORC Round Britain & Ireland and the ARC) OR
  • Any offshore sailing or motor cruising course that is likely to extend more 50 miles from a safe haven

we insist that you carry your own PLB and that your PLB has been registered with the relevant marine authority (UK Coast Guard for UK citizens) and your PLB hex number has been provided to our office before you set sail.


We provide all the necessary coaching, but as with all training courses and exams, we cannot guarantee you pass. The decision of your Instructor or Assessor is final. For externally moderated exams, an appeals process is in place at the RYA, MNTB and HSE.

Certification is included for most courses, though the following exam / licence fees apply:

External Fees

Certain exams and certificates are subject to external fees, click for an up to date list of RYA, BSAC and MCA fees.

If you lose a certificate issued by us then we can replace it. The following charges apply:

  • RYA Navigation Certificates - £40 per certificate
  • Other RYA Certificates - £20 per certificate
  • STCW’95 and HSE Certificates - £20 per certificate

For RYA Certificates of Competence (ICC, SRC, Yachtmaster Coastal, Offshore & Ocean) contact the RYA directly. For BSAC, BWS or EFR Certificates contact the relevant body directly.


Students agree to the craft and accommodation allocated to them.

Within the Sail Cruising and Motor Crusinig Schemse we may combine course levels/syllabi we see as similar onto the same boat as per RYA guidelines.

Stormforce Coaching Ltd. reserves the right to terminate your course at any time if your behaviour is unacceptable. In this instance, we have no obligation to pay for any return travel costs or to refund any monies paid to us.

All RYA and MCA courses are taught in the English Language. Instructor and Certificate of Competence Candidates will be required to deliver briefings in English as part of their course.

While we aim to be competitive in all of our racing, Stormforce Coaching Skippers, Instructors and Race Officers may retire from or abandon any race at any time they consider it the appropriate course of action on the grounds of safety.

Stormforce Coaching Ltd. is not responsible for any loss or damage to your personal possessions while you are with us.

We reserve the right to vary these terms.  


A parent or legal guardian must sign a consent form for all under eighteens on Practical and Sea Survival courses. A parent, legal guardian or responsible adult must accompany anyone under the age of eighteen on any of our live aboard courses (except for Teen Yachting Course).


Sail Cruising (Yachting) CoursesOnboardBreakfast & lunch daily, plus some evening meals on board*IncludedFree at the home port and selected other portsYesA Life Jacket is provided. Wet weather gear is available to hire **RYA Certificate 
RYA Keelboat Courses N/AN/AIncludedN/AYesA Life Jacket is provided. Wet weather gear is available to hire **RYA Certificate 
RYA Motor Cruising CoursesNoLunch every day and an evening meal on board for night exercise(s)Included

Free at the home port and selected other ports


YesA Life Jacket is provided. Wet weather gear is available to hire **RYA Certificate 
RYA Powerboat CoursesN/AN/AIncludedIncludedYesA Life Jacket is provided. Wet weather gear is available to hire **RYA Certificate (Level 2 also includes the "RYA Start Powerboating" book)
PWC CoursesN/AN/AIncludedN/AYesAn impact vest is provided. A wetsuit & spray top is available to hire **RYA Certificate & Handbook
Shorebased CoursesN/AN/AIncludedN/AN/AN/ACourse Notes & Certificate
Offshore Racing (buy a berth)OnboardOnboard meals included. Meals ashore not included.IncludedIncludedYesA life jacket is provided. You will require a PLBRace Entry Fees
Inshore Racing (buy a berth)Onboard yachts but not onboard keelboatsLunch is includedIncluded on yachts but not keelboatsIncludedYesA Life Jacket is providedRace Entry Fees
Skippered Yacht Charter & Whole Boat Race CharterOnboard yachts but not onboard keelboatsNoNoNoNoLife Jackets are provided 
Bareboat Yacht CharterOnboardNoIncluded

Free at the home port and selected other ports


£6 / engine hr at hand back. Diesel & gas inc.Life jackets included. Wet weather gear is available to hire ** 
Bareboat RIB CharterN/AN/AN/AFree at the home port£6 / engine hr at hand back. Petrol not inc.Life jackets included. Wet weather gear is available to hire ** 

* 1 evening meal on board per 2 day yachting course, 2 meals per 3 day course, 3 meals per 5 day course and 4 meals per 7 day course.

** £5 hire per day, capped at £20 so courses of 4-9 days all pay £20. Capped at £50 for fast-track students and Fastnet Campaign crew

*** Mooring fees will be divided equally among the students/crew on board.  

All students on UK yachting courses must have foul weather gear/waterproofs at all times of year whether provided by themselves or us. 


RYA PPR, Short Range Certificate, Safe & Fun and Cruising Instructor Preperation

These courses are delivered by us using the RYA E-Learning Platform, support is available from our Instructors.

RYA Day Skipper Shorebased e-learning, RYA Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Shorebased e-learning & RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Shorebased e-learning

These courses are delivered by Navathome an independant RYA Training Centre, with support being provided on their behalf by our Instructors. By booking one of these three course through us you agree to the Nav at Home Terms and Conditions.


For those courses that require us to post you course resources, we will normally post your goods within 2 working days from us receiving your order. Delivery may then take up to a further two days. If you are based overseas then we may charge you the additional postage fees and delivery make take longer.


For own boat tuition and boat delivery you must ensure your craft is fully insured and you have informed your insurance company that an instructor will be on board. During Own Boat Tuition the owner will remain the skipper. The Instructor’s decision to stay ashore or head for a safe port is final when involving matters of safety. The owner must provide meals for the instructor as well as cover all mooring, fuel and general boat expenses. The owner is also expected to pay the instructor’s return travel expenses from our Southampton centre to the boat. Stormforce Coaching Ltd. reserves the right to cancel an own boat tuition course at any time without refund if they, their staff or agents consider the boat to be unfit or un-seaworthy. Owners must ensure that their craft is equipped with all the appropriate equipment for safe navigation and passage.


On the course start date you must have at least six months remaining on your passport for any course, race or charter that travels or may travel abroad or into foreign waters. Any student with a Non European Union Passport must ensure they have any necessary visas. British Citizens must carry a valid EH 1C (free from the post office or available online) when travelling abroad.


Our responsibility is to provide the afloat course or event you have booked. Our insurance will not cover you for your flights, transfers or time you spend ashore, nor will it cover you in the unlikley event we cancel an event. If you and our staff choose to socilaise together off the yacht then you do so as friends and not as supplier and customer. We strongly reccomend that you take out an appropriate insurance policy to cover all eventualities associated with foreign travel as our policy will not cover you when dining ashore, attending prize giving, travelling, shopping, sight seeing etc. We also reccomend thta you do not book onward travel for longer passages and races until the yacht has arrived at its final destination, as arrival times can vary from those advertised.


If the Charterer indicates at the time of booking that they require a professional skipper, Stormforce Coaching will provide one at the standard rates. Likewise, for whole boat race charter Stormforce Coaching will provide an "Owners Rep." at standard skipper rates. The skipper or owners rep. will comply with all reasonable instructions from the charterer regarding operation and movement of the vessel during the charter period. Notwithstanding the skipper/owners rep. will have absolute authority with regards to the safety of the crew and safe navigation of the vessel during the charter period.


Before the commencement of the charter, the charterer shall have the opportunity to inspect the vessel with a representative from Stormforce Coaching for the purpose of ensuring the vessel and its equipment are in proper working order. Acceptance of the vessel is acceptance that the vessel is in good order and her inventory complete. If the charterer fails to accept delivery of the vessel within 24 hours from the commencement of the charter period and has not notified Stormforce Coaching of his intention to accept delivery later during the Charter Period, then Stormforce Coaching shall be at liberty to treat the charter as cancelled.


Vessels must be returned by the end of the agreed Charter Period. Charterers that are late will be charged at twice the standard daily rate for every day or part thereof that the vessel is late. If the vessel is returned outside of usual business hours then a hand back inspection will be carried out at the soonest opportunity. Once the hand back inspection has taken place Stormforce Coaching will re-assume responsibility for the vessel.

All charterers must complete, sign and return to us our "Hand Back Declaration" form at hand back. Failure by you to do so may incur you inspection, haul out and survey fees as we try to ascertain any damge that may or may not have occured during your charter.

In the case of powerboat charters, if the vessel has not been re fuelled at "Hand back" to the same level it was at "Hand over," then Stormforce Coaching will refuel the vessel at the charterer's expense at a rate of 25 pence per litre (plus vat) more than local marina charges plus a £25 (plus vat) labour fee.


The Charterer may not depart from the agreed cruising limits (unless in a distress situation). Stormforce Coaching does not warrant the suitability of the vessel for all conditions of weather for any particular passage within the cruising limits.


Charter boats may not be used for any form of racing unless this has been agreed in writing in advance and the appropriate security deposit has been paid.


The Charterer must satisfy our agent/instructor that he/she is competent to skipper the vessel on its proposed passage. For sailing yacht charter this can be done by either passing a RYA Day Skipper Sail (or higher) course with Stormforce Coaching, or undergoing a short assessment of your skills. This is usually done at the commencement of the charter. For RIB charter all charterers should hold either RYA Powerboat level 2 and Yachtmaster Coastal CoC (power or sail) or Powerboat Intermediate. Stormforce Coaching reserves the right to cancel the charter or appoint a skipper for part or all of the charter if they see it as necessary. Such a skipper would be paid for by the charterer at the standard rates.


The charterer warrants that he and his crew have the necessary experience and competence to handle the vessel safely. Stormforce Coaching has the right to restrict the cruising limits of the charterer at any time in the light of crew experience and actual or anticipated weather conditions.


Stormforce Coaching and its agents shall have no liability for the death or personal injury or loss or damage to personal property of the charterer, sub charterer, his servants, agents or any person invited on board the vessel during the charter period, except for death or personal injury caused by the negligent act or omission of Stormforce Coaching, its servants or employees.

If the vessel should become an actual or constructive total loss during the charter period, the charter will be cancelled and no refunds shall be payable by Stormforce Coaching to the charterer.

The Charterer will not sub-charter to any party without written consent from Stormforce Coaching. Nor will he use the vessel for any purpose other than private pleasure cruising for himself, his crew and his guests without prior written permission from Stormforce Coaching.

The Charterer will limit the number of crew/guests on board to the number of berths, or in the case of a vessel with no berths, the number she is commercially coded for. The charter will not allow animals on board the vessel without prior written permission from Stormforce Coaching. The Charterer will ensure the vessel remains afloat for the entire charter period.

The charterer will observe all regulation of Customs, Harbour our other authorities. Any reference in these terms to the masculine shall include the feminine and vice-versa. The charterer will report to Stormforce Coaching as soon as possible any event likely to give rise to a claim under the insurance and any other accident, damage, failure of or to the vessel and to comply with any reasonable instructions given to him by Stormforce Coaching.

If any payment due is not made on or by the appointed day, or if the charter fails to comply with any other term, Stormforce Coaching may immediately terminate the charter and resume possession of the yacht but without prejudice to the right of Stormforce Coaching to recover any unpaid part of the charter fee and damages or costs in respect of any breach of the booking by the charterer.

A lifejacket or buoyancy aid is provided for every crew member. You must tell us at the time of booking if there will be any children on board.


From time to time our staff and agents will take images or video footage of our courses. These photographs and moving images can be used by us for advertisements, marketing, leaflets, education, training and publicity purposes. If you would prefer that we did not photograph or film you, please let us know by email before the course starts or tell your Instructor at the welcome briefing and we will ensure you are not filmed or photographed by us.


In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with any part of your course or dealings with us, we do need to know. In the first instance, tell your instructor or any member of staff, as many problems can be resolved while you are on the course. If they cannot resolve the problem then you are advised to contact the office and inform the Principal or Chief Instructor, whose contact numbers are available on all of the boats. If the matter is still not resolved then we ask you write to "The Director" at the company headquarters in Southampton within one week of your course, race or charter ending. Your letter will need to explain what the problem was, who you made aware of the problem, what was done or not done and what you would like done now. Please mark this letter "private and confidential". The Director will normally respond to you within fourteen days. If you are not satisfied with our response then you may of course contact the RYA, BSAC, BWS, MCA or any other body you feel is appropriate to your complaint. In the case of complaints regarding the standard, conduct, assessment and certification of HSE EFAW, FAW and FAW refresher courses you may refer your case to FAAMS (First Aid Approval & Monitoring Section) at the HSE: their address is 4N, 3 Redgrave Court, Merton Rd, Bootle, Merseyside. For complaints regarding FAW courses, final decisions rest with FAAMS. 


By making an enquiry with us, or buying any goods or service from us, you agree to us holding your information on electronic and/or paper file and to us contacting you with future offers, news and product information. You may at any time inform us by email or in writing that you no longer want to hear from us. Your data is stored in accordance with UK law and we will never sell your data.

Our Newsletter is usually sent out once a month. From April 2011, it has contained a competition. If you do not already receive the Newsletter and would like to, you can request to be added to our mailing list using the form on most pages of our website.


Our Newsletter (Sea Breeze) competitions are open to anyone aged 18 or over in the UK and Channel Islands, excluding employees (and their immediate families) and agents of Stormforce Coaching Ltd. or anyone professionally connected to the company. The closing date for receipt of entries is the end of the month in which the newsletter was sent. The prize winner will be drawn shortly after the closing date and will be notified by email within 7 days of that date. All correct entries will be included in the draw. Entries will be accepted by email to, our Facebook page or by post to our Shamrock Quay address.

Stormforce Coaching reserves the right to disqualify incomplete, altered or illegible entries. No responsibility will be accepted for entries lost, damaged or delayed in the post or that do not arrive in the relevant email inbox. Proof of posting or of emailing or of a read receipt will not be accepted as proof of delivery or receipt. Only one entry per household or email address is permitted; multiple entries will be invalid. Entrants must state their name, address, contact telephone numbers, email address and answers. The prize is a £50 Stormforce Coaching Voucher (valid for 3 months), which can be redeemed against any of our training courses, charters or race events. It can not be redeemed against other products, such as books or against E learning courses. The voucher cannot be combined with any other offer or prize. The voucher is non-refundable and non-transferable. It can only be redeemed by the winner. Stormforce Coaching’s usual Terms and Conditions apply (available online at ). Participation in practical and sea survival courses is dependant on the centre's usual requirements (i.e. good health, swimming capabilities etc.). The draw will be carried out by a staff member of Stormforce Coaching.

Stormforce Coaching Ltd. may place entrants' details on its' database and contact them occasionally to offer courses and other relevant promotions. Stormforce Coaching Ltd. will not share this contact information with any other organisation. By entering this competition you are giving Stormforce Coaching Ltd. permission to hold your details and contact you.

The winner may not transfer prize rights, nor obtain substitutions or cash redemptions. Entrants agree to be bound by the terms and conditions and all instructions form part of the rules. Stormforce Coaching Ltd. reserves the right to disqualify any incomplete, altered or illegible entries. Stormforce Coaching’s decision is final and it reserves the right to amend or withdraw any part of this competition due to circumstances beyond its' reasonable control. Winner's details (name and county) will be available either online at or in our following monthly newsletter.


At each of the following three shows we run a "Boat Show Competition"

  • London International Boat Show (January)
  • RYA Dinghy Show (March)
  • Southampton International Boat Show (September)

Our boat show competition is free to enter and can be entered by anyone visiting the show (except for Stormforce Coaching staff and agents) who is twelve years old or above. To enter simply fill in your details on one of the iPads on our exhibition stand. You can enter as little or as much information as you like but the minimum is your name and email address. At the end of the show the software will select one entrant at random as the winner.


The winner may book any single course (up to the value of £250) with us, for him/herself OR receive a discount of £250 on a higher value course. Bookings are subject to availability and our standard terms (above) except once you have booked a course with us you can not cancel or change the booking. The prize is not transferable, there is no cash alternative, it can only be used against one course for yourself and the course must be taken within six months of the end of the show you won at. STCW’95 and online courses can not be taken as the prize. The winner will be notified by email and their name posted on our Facebook Page. 

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