UK Racing Joining Instructions

Thank you for booking a UK yacht racing event with us .You will find combined joining Instructions below for

  • Round the Island Race
  • Cowes Week Regatta (weekend only)
  • Dartmouth Regatta

Further down the page you will find Joining Instructions for the Fastnet Campaign



Round the Island Race & Cowes Week Weekend

We will meet at Stormforce Coaching, Shamrock Quay, Southampton. Directions can be found at

Parking is free for Stormforce Coaching customers, but ONLY if you register with the marina. You can either do this directly with them in advance or on arrival. Further information is at

There is accommodation on board the yacht for both nights you are with us. It is likely we will be berthed at Port Hamble on Friday night and in Cowes on Saturday night. If you prefer to stay ashore please let us know in advance as it may effect where we berth exactly.

Dartmouth Regatta

We will meet at 1900, Dartmouth on the Monday evening. The skipper will email you a rendezvous point once he has secured a berth. There is accommodation on board the yacht if required, however we recommend you consider staying ashore as race yachts are not know for their creature comforts and marina facilities (showers etc.) are limited. If you are racing with us in Dartmouth then you have the option of joining the passage back to Southampton. It is £15. 


Dinner is eaten ashore (not included) each night. PLease advise us by emial if you have any dietary requirements. Meals are provided on board as follows

Round the Island Race

Lunches and soft drinks on Friday and Saturdat. Breakfast is included onboard for Saturday (race day) and eaten ashore (not included) on Sunday.

Cowes Week Weekend

Breakfast, lunch, snacks and soft drinks on Saturday and Sunday

Dartmouth Regatta

Lunches, snack and soft drinks are provided on board each day. If you join the optional return passage to Southampton there will be dinner and breakfast on board.


Day Activity Location
Friday 09:30 Welcome Stormforce Coaching, Shamrock Quay
  Safety Brief Onboard at Shamrock Quay
  Training Day Onboard on Southampton Water and central Solent
  Evening meal in a pub ashore River Hamble
Accommodation onboard River Hamble
Saturday Race Start & Breakfast Onboard. Head for race start Slip Hamble, head for Cowes
Round the Island Race Round the Isle of Wight
  Evening and dinner ashore Cowes
Accommodation onboard Cowes 
Sunday Breakfast Ashore Cowes
Leisurely sail back to mainland Central Solent
Good bye Shamrock Quay


Day Activity Location
Friday 18:30 Welcome Stormforce Coaching, Shamrock Quay
  Safety Brief Onboard at Shamrock Quay
  Training Session Onboard on Southampton Water 
  Evening meal in a pub ashore River Hamble
Accommodation onboard River Hamble
Saturday Breakfast onboard. Head for race start Slipl Hamble, head for Cowes
Racing, followd by debrief Central Solent
  Evening and dinner ashore Cowes
Accommodation onboard Cowes 
Sunday Breakfast onboard Cowes
Racing, followed by debrief Central Solent
Return to Southampton and Goodbye Shamrock Quay


Day Activity Location
Monday 19:30 Welcome Dartmouth, TBC
Tuesday Safety Brief Onboard
  Training Day Bay outside Dartmouth
Wednesday  Training Day Bay outside Dartmouth
Race Brief Onboard
Thursday to Sunday Race Days 1-4 with daily debrief after racing Bay outside Dartmouth
Daily Prize Giving Royal Dart Yacht Club
 Sunday Prize Giving (optional) and Goodbye Royal Dart Yacht Club
Passage to Southampton (optional) English Channel
Monday Arrive Southampton in the morning (if you have joined the optional passage back) Shamrock Quay


We want to be competitive in our racing. Stormforce Coaching will therefore ensure the yacht is race ready and will devote training time with the crew to spinnaker work, tacking, gybing and sail trim.


We would like to keep the weight on board to a minimum, however we suggest you bring the following items racing with you

  • Wet weather gear (you can hire from us at £5/day but must be pre booked for Dartmouth)
  • Sailing knife or multi tool (not in hand luggage if flying)
  • Soft soled shoes or wellies (depending on weather)
  • Sunscreen/sunglasses/cap/hat/gloves
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sea sickness tablets if you are susceptible to seasickness
  • Sailing clothes (thermals, fleeces etc.)
  • Change of clothes for ashore
  • Wash kit and towel
  • RYA logbook

Everything needs to be packed in a soft bag (no suitcases). You will be able to charge mobile phones, iPads etc. on board if you have a 12V car charger. There is a life jacket on board for each crew member, however you may bring your own if you prefer


Following Round the Island Race, we are usually back at Shamrock Quay on Sunday around 1200. Following the Cowes Week weekend, we are generally back late afternoon (1600-1700), however our return is dictated by race times. Following the Dartmouth Regatta we usually finish in Dartmouth on the Sunday mid afternoon or the Monday morning in Southampton (if you have joined the optional passage back).


While we carry an extensive public liability policy and the boat is insured in its own right your personal possessions are not insured by us when on board. We recommend you take out relevant insurance for this event, not least to cover the risk off you having to cancel your event with us for your own reasons.


We will be printing a team Polo Shirt for each crew member. Please let us know your size by email (S, M, L, XL or XXL)?



RORC Fastnet Campaign 2017 Joining Instructions


Thank you for booking onto the RORC Fastnet 2017 Campaign with Stormforce Coaching. These Joining Instructions should contain all of the information that you require prior to joining us for the first training weekend. As this campaign spans four months it is inevitable that there will be some small changes made along the way, these will be emailed out as they occur. If there is any other information that you need please contact us on 02380 231122 or

Where to Meet

The meeting point each weekend is our Training Centre at Shamrock Quay, Click for map and directions.


Our primary means of contact is email. The first address you need is which will be picked up by one of the office staff and will deal with management, catering and financial matters. Your skipper will give you his email address and mobile number on the first training weekend; he is your first point of call for most other questions. If in doubt copy any emails to both of us and we will make sure one of us comes back to you. Remember the skipper is afloat and teaching a lot of the time so cannot always take calls during the day or reply to emails as quickly as the office staff. After the first training weekend we will provide you all with email addresses for the whole team so that everyone can join in any questions/discussion etc. We will assume you are happy to share you email address with fellow crewmembers unless you tell us otherwise

Timings & Programme




Race Start

Crew Meet

Welcome Dinner

2 June

Dinner at RSYC


1830 Fri.

Training Weekend 1

2-4 June

Solent based sail training


1830 Fri.

RORC Morgan Cup

9-11 June

Race Cowes to Guernsey

1800 Fri.

1300 Fri.

RORC St. Malo Race

7-9 July

Race Cowes to St. Malo

1000 Fri.

1830 Thur.

Training Weekend 2

14-16 July

Performance Training


1830 Friday

RORC Channel Race

21-23 July

Offshore race start and end in Solent

1000 Sat.

1830 Fri.

Fasnet Preparation

5 Aug

Preparation Day


TBC Sat.

RORC Fastnet

6-10 Aug

Race Cowes to Plymouth (via the rock)

1100 Sun.

1100 Sat.

RORC Cherbourg

1-2 Sept

Race Cowes to Cherbourg

1900 Fri.

1500 Fri.

What to Bring

The trick here is to pack two bags, one to take afloat and one to leave ashore. The sailing bag needs to be light and soft (i.e. not a suitcase). The contents should be strictly those that are necessary for the expected duration of the event/race. Before the Fastnet we will discuss what is required, however for the shorter races please avoid bringing lots of spare clothing that is unlikely to be worn. You will need the following.

  • A small sharp sailing knife or multi tool
  • A small waterproof pocket torch
  • Your passport and any necessary visas
  • An EH1C (available online or from the post office)
  • A sleeping bag (and pillow if you want)
  • Foul weather gear (or hire ours)
  • Sailing wellies
  • Gloves, hat, sunglasses
  • Warm sailing clothing
  • Changes of Clothing
  • Lightweight shoes (not sandals/flip/flops or black soles)
  • Towel & Toiletries

For the Cherbourg and Channel Races the towel and change of clothes can be left in your car or at the centre. For the Guernsey and St Malo races tides MAY dictate a short  stop over is required in Guernsey. For the two training weekends you can bring more kit, as weight is not such an issue, so do not under pack.

Bear in mind that as the Campaign progresses we can expect the temperature to get warmer.

The Fastnet itself concludes in Plymouth, where our campaign manager will meet you with your shore bags. (details to follow nearer the time).

Useful Reading

There are a wealth of good books on racing and offshore racing; this list is not exhaustive but is a good starting point.

RYA Tactics (G40) by Mark Rushall log)&atype=1&aid=521030

Gary Jobson’s Championship Sailing Definitive/dp/0071423818/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1363880484&sr=8-1

RYA Weather Handbook (G1) by Chris Tibbs og)&atype=1&aid=521030

ISAF Offshore Special Regulations

RORC Notice of Race


It is unfortunate but not uncommon for crew to suffer from seasickness the first couple of times they sail offshore. While it is not likely during the training weekends it is probable that some of the crew will feel seasick on some of the earlier races. We will discuss ways of reducing seasickness during one of the training weekends, however if you are prone or think you are prone we recommend you to speak to a pharmacy for advice. In our experience seasickness tablets do not work very well if taken after you feel ill, instead they seem to work better for crew who start taking the tablets at least 24 hours before going afloat.

Sailing Clothing

As part of the campaign you will each receive a branded Stormforce Polo Shirt and Shore Jacket. Please email with your jacket and polo shirt sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL). At the race finish in Plymouth, it is usual for the sponsors to supply a specific Fastnet 2017 polo shirt to each team member. Last year we were unable to order the kit until well into the campaign as some crew took several weeks to confirm their size. If you all tell us your sizing now, we will get the kit ordered now.


All meals on board will be provided. If you have any specific dietary requirements please let us know by email Some evening meals will be taken ashore (not included). We recommend you budget for one meal ashore in a pub per weekend/event.

The welcome dinner at RSYC is included in your Campaign fees.

Sea Survival / ISAF Offshore Training Weekend

We have 3 or 4 ISAF courses running every month between now and the Fastnet Race. If you have not already completed this course please go to Sea Survival Courses to check dates for the Sea Survival Course. Where there is a Sea Survival Course there is generally an ISAF training day the following day. You will not be able to book online (without paying again), you simple need to call us in the office on 02380 231122, or e-mail us on with your chosen dates. Be warned that these courses (particularly the weekend ones) often fill up several months before they run so please select your date early. Meals and accommodation are not provided for this 2-day course, which is run in Southampton.

Remaining Competitive

One of the aims of the campaign is to get a good racing result; the skipper has to balance this with your safety and looking after the yacht. The skipper has absolute discretion when it comes to running the boat and if he deems it prudent to do so, can retire from any race at any time. While this does not happen often he has to think of the entire crew’s well being.

It is a fact of offshore racing that yachts suffer damage that can make them less competitive or even cause them to retire. This is not a reflection of poor maintenance but something that is prevalent in the sport at all levels. On longer offshore races it is therefore important to sail conservatively and ensure the sails and yacht remain in the race rather than pushing the boat to the limits and ending up retiring. As a crew you will learn not just how to make the yacht perform better but also how to look after the yacht and how to affix many running repairs. You will, as a team, have to become totally self-sufficient once you cross the start line.


Offshore racing is demanding both physically and mentally, and during the campaign you will at times be challenged and outside/close to the edge of your comfort zone. Part of being a well prepared team able to handle such a campaign comes down to each individual contributing to the best of their abilities.

There are two key areas that every race crew member from beginner to expert will benefit from:

  • Overall strength and fitness
Sailing a yacht is a physically demanding sport, conducted outdoors in whatever conditions the weather and sea state brings. You can help prepare for this by increasing your own strength, especially upper body, and ensuring your cardio-vascular fitness is good.
Whether it’s as simple as taking the dog on a slightly longer walk every morning, or as involved as embarking on a new diet and fitness regime, any improvements you make to your strength and fitness will show a benefit for the whole team.
  • Sailing Ability
The morale and enjoyment of a crew is closely linked with their performance, and as the Fastnet Campaign is hotly contested from all quarters, any and all sailing knowledge on board brings benefits to the team. You can improve your Sailing Ability beforehand by reading up on Tactics and Sail Trim (see the useful books section below), and by simply getting out on the water more. If you would like to book some additional training afloat or shorebased, again please see the useful training section below.

Sail 4 Cancer

Over the course of the year we aim to help each of our four chosen charity partnersYou could help families affected by cancer have a respite break and earn some fantastic Helly Hansen or Henri Lloyd vouchers for yourself as a thank you. Sail 4 Cancer in partnership with Stormforce Coaching will give vouchers to individuals and crews who sign up to raise funds during this year’s Fastnet campaign.

  • If you raise £500 (excl Gift Aid) you get a £150 voucher to spend online or in store
  • If you raise £1000 (excl Gift Aid) you receive a £300 voucher

Sail 4 Cancer is a very worthwhile charity that offers respite to those suffering from cancer and to their familes, through the medium of sailing. Sail 4 Cancer will set up a bespoke fundraising page on their website for each person who signs up. You can then share the link with friends and family and watch as the donations and messages of support come in. To take part please contact Lizette or call 07535980286 .


There is plenty of free parking available at Shamrock Quay Marina. It is subject to terms-

Local Accommodation

If you require accommodation locally (during the ISAF course) then you might find the link below useful, it provides a list of local B&Bs and hotels, their approximate pricing and distance from us. accommodation.html

General Information

The office is open for enquiries five days a week (Monday to Friday) 0830 to 1800 and outside of these hours during busy periods. Phone and email enquiries will often be handled outside of these hours, including weekends. 

Other Courses

We run a diverse range of sailing and powerboat courses, far too many to list here! We think the following are particularly relevant to Fastnet Crew, and may be of interest to you:

For further information on these courses, or to book on, please see our website at, or talk to the team in the office on 02380 231122 /


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